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This is awesome -- and much more affordable than it's large name competitor! The size is spot on and I wear this more than my real ring

- Lauren

My husband and I have been married for 14 months. His original wedding band that we got married with was stolen while he was working out at the gym. He then bought a cheaper replacement but takes it off and misplaces it often because he works out all the time. I am so excited to give him his Rubber Diamonds for Christmas! I hope he loves it and I hope he never takes it off :)

- Ashley

Great band for someone who doesn't want to loose their actual wedding band or mess it up :) She loves it

- Amber

Got this ring for my husband because he's an electrical engineer and could be electrocuted with a metal ring. This is the only shop I could find a non bulky one! Great fit! Great quality. Comfortable.

- Maureen

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