Six Reasons to consider a Rubber Diamond Silicone Wedding Band

  1. You are a nurse. Or a surgeon. Or a dentist.

Rubber Diamond rings are perfect for anyone who works a job that requires gloves. Our rings are made out of silicone, making them a safer alternative to traditional wedding bands, for you and the people you help.

  1. Or maybe you’re a baker, a painter, or a parent

All of these jobs are messy, and gold wedding bands are expensive. Worrying about keeping your ring clean and untarnished is another job in itself, and taking your ring off every day for work is an easy way to misplace it. Rubber Diamonds are the perfect compromise—wear your ring all day, and don’t worry about ruining it.

  1. You tend to lose things

Losing a $12.99 Rubber Diamond is much preferable to losing gold. Plus, Rubber Diamond rings have a non-slip grip, keeping your ring in place all day.

  1. You’re pregnant

If your fingers are swelling due to pregnancy, a Rubber Diamond may be the perfect ring for you. Silicone allows a little more give than a traditional ring would, and you can order more than one size to ensure you can wear your ring throughout your entire pregnancy.

  1. Rubber Diamonds are cost efficient

Love is priceless, but wedding rings are not. They are expensive. Rubber Diamonds are only $12.99, which is even less expensive than our competitors’ silicone rings are.

  1. You’re an Olympic athlete, or you really just love America.

Rubber Diamonds come in many different solid colors and color combinations—including red, white, and blue.