Wedding rings have long symbolized the never ending love and commitment of a couple. This symbol has gone through a number of transformations over the years.

Originally, it is believed that these rings were braided from rushes and reeds that grew near where the people lived. These rings didn’t last long and were replaced by leather, bone and ivory rings and later metal. The metal rings were initially heavily decorated with engravings and symbols but these were discouraged by the church and were replaced by simple rings.

There are numerous theories relating to the placement of the ring on the ring finger.

If a band is lost

The wedding band has come to carry so much significance that the loss of this ring can be highly traumatizing. If a ring is lost, the best thing to do is to avoid panicking. Stop and check the common places where we tend to take our rings off. These include around the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Check pockets to see if you slipped the ring there to keep it safe and then forgot. Also remember to check couch cushions and under furniture in the rooms that you have been in. Pools are a common place where many rings are lost. In this case, check the bottom of the pool and around or inside any filters.

If you lose a ring that was insured you can issue a claim and follow the instructions from your insurance company to get the ring replaced.

While admitting that the ring has been lost to a spouse may be difficult, it is important to be honest and upfront with the issue. If you claim that it is being cleaned or otherwise unavailable you will only make your spouse suspicious and, potentially, weaken the relationship. If you are honest about the loss, you can work as a team to find a solution or continue looking for the misplaced ring.

Because of the important emotional connections that are often associated with a wedding band, whether consciously or not, it is crucial that the importance of the relationship is clear to both parties. The loss of the ring does not mean a loss of commitment or a devaluing of the relationship.

Along with this, some couples find it helpful to replace the ring with a cheaper ring while they look for the lost ring or wait for the insurance claim to replace it.


There are a couple easy ways to prevent the loss of a ring:

While these are behaviors that can help you keep track of your ring, there are additional ways to make sure you never lose it.

It is unreasonable to say that you will never take your ring off. There are some tasks that simply require it either to perform the task in a sanitary way, cooking or baking, or to protect the ring from damage. Because of the sentimental value of the wedding band many people want to have them with them whether they are physically on their finger or not. This is one of the reasons that these rings are lost as often as they are. It is easy to drop the ring accidentally when trying to slide it into a pocket or to have it fall through a hole we were unaware of in the pocket or bag that we place it in. To get around this, some people like to place the rings on a chain around their neck. This allows them to be aware of where the ring is since they can fell it hanging around their neck while still keeping it safe and off of their busy fingers.

Losing a wedding band is horrible and can lead to endless amounts of stress. Try to take extra precautions and never leave your rings near a drain, either in the bathroom or kitchen as the sinks, bathtubs and toilets are all common culprits when it comes to losses. Also avoid setting your rings down on napkins or other materials that can accidentally get wadded up and thrown away or picked up by a stranger. Be mindful of what you are doing and plan ahead if you can so that you can place the rings on a chain around your neck or in a safe and secure place before you do something that would risk them. The wedding band is an enduring symbol of commitment and the emotional significance we place on this ring can be hard to replace.