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Wedding rings are important symbols of love and commitment in society. For those with an active lifestyle, this symbol can be put at risk constantly. There are few things worse than losing your wedding ring and the symbol of your marriage. Not only can this be a costly loss but an emotional one as well for both the wearer and their spouse. Because of this, alternative rings are sometimes a better option.

Silicone rings

Silicone rings are a popular alternative to traditional metal wedding bands. Some couples choose to use these rings instead of a metal band altogether while others choose to substitute these rings when they are doing activities that would risk their metal bands.

Advantages of Silicone rings:

1) Non-porous material won’t absorb materials: Silicone is a non-porous material so it will not absorb or be damaged by chemicals or other liquids that may tarnish or otherwise damage a traditional metal ring.

2) Protects metal rings from loss and damage: Work and other active pursuitsactive lifestyle ring can scratch, bend, tarnish and otherwise damage many of the metal bands. These activities also make it more likely that the metal rings will be lost or stolen.

These silicone rings provide a decent alternative that allows the wearer to still have a wedding ring on while not jeopardizing the metal bands or risking its loss. If a metal ring is lost while in the outdoors are other active hobby it is unlikely that it could be recovered. This can be very traumatic for the couple that lost the ring given the significant symbolic value that is placed on this band.

By choosing to wear a silicone band to these activities instead the wearer removes the risk of loss and keep s the sentimental band safely in their home. In the worst case they would lose a silicone ring that could be replaced without having to file insurance claims.

3) Provides total comfort and safety in a variety of work environments: The flexibility and overall feel of these rings make them comfortable for everyday wear while not constricting the finger it is worn on. It is also easy to wash or clean so it can be worn by healthcare professionals and others that work in a profession that requires high levels of sanitation. 

4) High quality silicone that won’t scratch: Silicone is a high quality rubber like material. This means that it is scratch resistant and highly durable.

5) Doesn’t interfere with sports/training: The rubber like silicone material is not stiff like a metal ring. This means that it will not interfere with weight lifting and other sports and training activities.

Rubber Diamonds

Rubber Diamonds are another alternative for those with active lifestyles that still prefer to wear a wedding ring. These rings are made of rubber and have a setting for a single small diamond. These rings are very similar to the plain silicone rings discussed above but they also allow the wearer to continue to show off a diamond even when they are working or being active.

Reasons to wear a Rubber Diamond ring

The flexible nature of the rubber prevents this band from rubbing against tools and other objects, abrading both the equipment, tools and the ring. Furthermore, in very serious situations metal rings can get caught on items whether outdoors or in a factory putting the wearer in harms way. Rubber Diamonds silicone wedding band is a great preventive measure for these situations. Other fun reasons to wear a Rubber Diamonds Band:

Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important reason for many couples is to show their love and the symbolic relation they have been blessed with. Not always is a metal band or diamond the appropriate ring for people during certain daily activities.    

Other advantages of these alternative rings

Regardless of the reason for having an alternate ring, silicone rings are durable and resilient. The silicone that is used is high quality and able to withstand a significant ring suited for the outdoorsamount of wear before it would need to be replaced. Since they are rubber, repetitive rubbing of the rings across a surface, such as a paddle when rowing, or another tool when working, will eventually wear the ring down to a point where it could break or become uncomfortable. While it is possible to damage the rings in this way they are easier to replace then a metal wedding band which would be damaged in similar ways by the same repetitive motions.

The silicone rings are also less likely to slip off of the wearer’s finger. This is simply due to the nature of silicon as this material resists water and other liquids that make metal rings slide on the fingers. This enables the silicon rings to stay in place while playing sports, rafting, or paddling across a river. This allows people to continue to wear a ring without risking the loss of an expensive and highly sentimental metal band. The metal band, that may slip off unnoticed while competing or working out, can be left safe and secure at home while the silicone ring can substitute without interfering.

A silicone ring or a diamond

Both of these rings are available in a variety of colors. Since these rings are significantly less expensive than the traditional metal bands, the wearer could choose to have multiple rings of assorted colors to wear during their active hobbies or to work. The diamond version (coming soon) adds a touch of elegance and ties the ring more closely to the traditional wedding band.

These rings are a perfect alternative for active individuals that want to protect their metal wedding bands from damage or loss. They are comfortable to wear while exercising, working with your hands, or doing any number of activities. Anything that causes repetitive motions in the hand can damage a metal band and these actions are simplified and more comfortable with a silicon ring. The stress, pain, and hassle that comes with replacing a lost wedding band can also be avoided by choosing to substitute these rings while being active. If the silicon ring happened to be lost it can be quickly and simply replaced but the metal band would require hours of searching and weeks to months spent working on an insurance claim to potentially get a replacement.

Simply put, silicone rings allow the wearer to protect their metal wedding bands while still wearing a band to show their commitment to their partner.