#1 Silicone RingYou must be familiar with concept of superheroes. While the fantasy superheroes from your favorite comic books are nice, we too have some real life superheroes among us. People who lay their life on the line each day for the safety, service and well-being of their fellow citizens are unprecedented heroes of the modern era. 

These people are the extraordinary among the ordinary. They are special and have amazing strength and hearts. For this reason they deserve extraordinary too. These men and women, have specific lifestyles which involve a set of activities which require them to be extra tough. Their platinum wedding bands gets in the way of their activities. In order to facilitate their active lifestyle, and to make sure their bond of love remains intact with their loved ones, we came up with the idea of silicone wedding ring.

Silicone - Bringing Elasticity to Your Lifestyle

Silicone rubbers is basically a rubber-like material that is made from silicone. Silicon is a polymer itself in nature, composed from Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. There is a wide scope of uses for silicone rubber in several industries, in different forms. The silicone rubbers consist of a certain quantity of polymer and rest are fillers, to increase the quality of the material or make it more economical.

The best quality of silicone rubber is that it is tough. It can sustain temperaturesSafe While Working in Hard, Tough Envirnment from 300 degrees Celsius to -55 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it is non-conductive, non-reactive, very stable and resistant. Due to these tough properties silicone rubber is used in a variety of materials, from electronics to apparel and many more.

We came up with an innovative idea to integrate silicone rubber with wedding rings to suit the extremely tough lifestyle of our superheroes. Due to its high resistant nature, it is perfect for people who live out of the general boundaries of working safe.

Some of the people who we consider in our superhero list, who can make use of our silicone wedding ring, are mentioned and praised below, along with details on how our rings are suitable for their nature of work.

Military Men and Women Military Men and Women - Rubber Diamonds

The biggest superheroes of our world are the soldiers who serve in their native army to serve and protect their motherland. A normal day in the life of a soldier requires them to survive in some extreme conditions. For this, the usual platinum wedding ring, is not much suitable and becomes somewhat a hurdle. This doesn’t mean that their love for their better half has become any less.

Life is the name of evolving. When one things seizes to be practical, you look for a better way. What better way to solidify your bond of love than a silicone wedding ring. Due to its tough material, it can sustain the severity of your environment or your work nature when you are at the borders or on a mission. The material is highly flexible so it won’t break or get worn out. It is more practical and easily manageable than your regular platinum ring.

Our silicone rings provide the best way to keep the symbol of your bond intact and with you at all times. We know how much you miss your beloved wife or husband back home, so this is a perfect way to keep their mark with you. On the plus side, it is very practical for your line of work.


Firemen have saved millions of lives around the world. They are no less than superheroes. They work around the clock all along the year. They lay their lives on the line to save people from fire. They don’t think twice to march in to a blazing building to save some innocent lives.

Our silicone wedding rings are most suitable for firemen, as these are highly resistant to fire. They can resist a temperature up to 300 degrees and remain perfectly in shape. These rings ensure that our line of work does not affect your bond of love. Moreover, these provide a definite ease in your routine, during fire drills, training and most of all when you go to put out real fire.

Firemen are an inspiration of many kids while they grow up. We believe that silicone rings are going to become and inspiration for fireman across the globe.

Policemen Rubber Diamonds - Police

The line of duty calls for several extreme measures. Policemen have to deal with several types of dangers and extreme conditions in their line of work. You no longer need to worry about your platinum rings getting in the way of your duty. Our silicone rings are perfectly flexible and tear resistant. These will fit your hands well, will not slip off and remain useable for a longer period of time, as compared to normal platinum wedding rings.

Silicone rings may be best suited for police officials, as they come back home every day from a tough day at work. These are relaxing and comfortable to wear. You will feel them perfect for your daily routine.

Rubber Diamonds

Female Silicone RingsNeedless to say that these real life superheroes deserve the best. They possess amazing talent, which we consider as their superpowers. So for all the extraordinary people out there, we bring you the most extraordinary silicone wedding ring bands.

Our products are focused at all these amazing people who strive to bring a positive change in our world. Our extra-tough and resistant silicone wedding rings, are the perfect match for your super tough lifestyle. These are non-conductive and highly affordable. So you get the perfect blend of utility and cost-efficiency. Check out our web store today for a perfect match!