Wedding bands have long been a symbol of commitment and love. They carry special, sentimental significance for many couples. While highly decorated, metal bands have been used traditionally, some couples are beginning to select silicon rings to use as substitutes. The growth of these silicon rings, both plain and with diamonds, reflects the importance society has placed on the wearing of these rings and the desire individuals have to protect the symbol of their love. The active lifestyles of many individuals are also thought to be responsible for the increasing interest in these silicon rings.

Risk of loss

Many people choose to switch their wedding band for a silicon band because they fear losing their original band. The metal wedding bands are generally very expensive and difficult to replace. This doesn’t even consider the trauma that is experienced when these bands are lost or misplaced. The emotional and sentimental value of these bands make them irreplaceable. Because of this, some couples choose to switch these bands for cheaper and more expendable rubber or silicon rings when they are doing things that are dangerous for their normal rings. Exercise is a great example of this as running, working out and swimming are common causes for lost wedding bands. Many people lose their rings when their hands become wet, either because of swimming, washing their hands, or sweating. When any of these things are combined with motion, it is likely that the rings can slide from the fingers without being noticed. Rings that are lost during these activities are almost impossible to find as the wearer is unaware of where exactly they lost their rings.

Because of situations such as these, couples have switched to silicon and rubber based rings. These rings slide less on the finger as they are made from rubber and silicon which are non-porous and repel water. This allows the rings to stay in place better than typical metal bands. In addition to this, these silicon rings are easier and cheaper to replace if they are somehow lost or misplaced.

Avoiding damage

Besides this, these silicon rings are thinner than many metal bands and more durable. This allows them to endure many activated that would damage the delicate metal bands without sustaining serious damage. Many of the metals used to make metal bands are soft and somewhat delicate. Because of this, actions that would repetitively scrape along the ring will mar the surface and may even cause the finger to feel pinched. Weight lifting is one case where people reported having discomfort when wearing their metal bands and noticing scratches on the band after multiple sessions. Opting to wear silicon rings during activities such as these protect the original bands from irreparable damage and scratches.

Hazardous Work environment

Silicon and diamond silicon rings are also becoming acceptable substitutes for wedding bands when people work in hazardous environments where sanitation is important. This includes medical fields as well as laboratories and kitchens where sanitation is vital and gloves are often worn. These rings can fit snugly on the finger while in the gloves and can also be sanitized without being damaged. This is not always true of all metal wedding bands as some would snag the gloves and be damaged during sanitation procedures.

There are a number of reasons why silicon and rubber rings are becoming popular. It is rare for them to replace the traditional metal bands entirely but they are frequently being used as substitutes when the couples active lifestyle or dangerous work environments would risk damaging or losing their original rings.