Rubber Diamonds is great for people involved in a multitude of daily activities. These activities range from fun events to occupations. Some of these activities consist of hard work such as fixing, moving, crossfit, labor intensive work, gardening, and even people working on factory assembly lines. These activities can cause damage to your ever loved wearables like wedding rings or worse, could cause a serious accident. A single scratch can bring down the whole value of the precious ring you wear. On the other runner wearing rubber diamondshand, other than the market value of the ring you wear, it is important to keep it protected because that depicts how you care about the person who gifted the ring.

However, just for the sake of the protection of the wedding ring, you can’t avoid your daily activities. As a solution to overcome this conflict situation, some people used to remove their wedding ring during their daily routines. Needless to say, it is an annoying practice to remove the ring and put it back on regular intervals. In addition to that, it has the risk of losing the dearest ring.

As a perfect solution for this, Rubber Diamonds offers silicone wedding bands that match with any person. When you wear this protective silicone band, you do not need to worry about your usual schedule. If your profession involves handling different types of tools frequently, your wedding ring is exposed to the risk of getting scratch marks on it. The same thing can happen when you do your workouts at the gym too. In fact, the risks are everywhere despite of the profession you involve with. Using a Rubber Diamonds silicone wedding band will keep your ring protected from all types of unwanted impacts.

The make of the silicone wedding band

Rubber Diamond has been careful enough to select 100% medical grade silicone to manufacture this special wedding band. Silicon dioxide (commonly known as silica) is the main ingredient of Silicone. In fact, silicone is used in a range of industries to manufacture essential components because of this material’s special characteristics. These characteristics include durability, resistance to water and fire and so on.




How can silicone wedding band be useful during your workouts?

It helps you to protect your wedding ring from being obstructed against the metal bars and handles during sessions like pull-up bars or barbells. Apart from the protection it provides to your ring, the Rubber Diamonds band can protect yourself from getting annoyed wearing ring during the schedules. It can prevent your finger from getting pinched while handling metal handles and bars. Because of the protection it provides, you will surely not feel that there is a ring on your finger because it is so comfortable. Apart from that, it prevents the unpleasant clogging of chalk with sweat around the ring.


Where else this can be beneficial? Electrical workers. Contractors. Hiking. And any other physical activities!

As we already know, silicone is waterproof. Therefore, by wearing this, you make your ring waterproof too. This is extremely advantageous for people who are involved in swimming silicone wedding band for safetyor events like adventure. Although, it if flexible and feel like rubber, you do not have to worry about taking time to dry it. It does not cause any odor even after using it several days without drying because of the special silicone material used to manufacture it.

This protective silicone band is fireproof too. This feature is vital for those who involve with tasks pertaining to heat. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put your finger on fire and test it. But, this silicone band has a great ability to withstand a considerable heat. Therefore, firefighters, bakers, cooks and other professions that involve duties related to heat would love this product. While protecting the wedding ring from impacts and other damages, the silicone band acts as a heatproof substance and protects itself from excessive heat. In fact, even after exposing to heat it will not show any sign of melt, mark or stretch marks.

Apart from its ability to withstand heat, Rubber Diamonds Silicone Band features the characteristics of an electrical insulator too. In other words, it does not allow electricity to travel through the material. It becomes quite a handy feature for those who carryout tasks related to electricity. They do not need to worry about getting this band exposed to electricity. However, it is strongly recommended to wear their safety gloves during such activities.

What does it do to make your fingers safe?

The most important feature concerning the user-friendly characteristics of this silicone band is that its flexibility. It has the features of rubber and it is manufactured to adopt the movements of your finger. Therefore, it doesn’t disturb the normal functionality of the finger. Even in case of growing a bump on your finger, the Rubber Diamonds Silicone Band will adopt to the situation perfectly and will not make the situation worse. People who are involved with sports like gymnastics and martial arts will find this safety feature very handy for them concerning the situations they come across regularly.

Rubber Diamond Silicone Band comes with both the male and female versions. It is important to know your exact ring size before you purchase it. As usual, male version of these rings are little wider/thicker than the female one.

It is a very user friendly service overall from selecting the appropriate ring to get it shipped to the doorstep. Within USA the shipping charges are free and shipping is extremely fast and reliable.

If you concern giving a valuable and useful gift to your loved one, Rubber Diamonds Silicone Band is the ideal item. While it provides the ultimate protection for the ring, it lasts long despite of the conditions it faces. After wearing this particular protective band, your loved ones may not have to worry about their daily work schedule not matter what the field they are involved in.