Women's Silicone Ring (5.5MM) - Camo

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As Tough As You Are… 

If you want to show off your love for outdoors or your military service, then this adventurous silicone camo ring is for you. With toughened design and great durability, this ring is made for all those explorers who love to stay outdoors and want to experience the surge of adrenaline rush in their veins. It is a perfect alternative for traditional wedding bands which not only lets the military heroes ratify the bond of eternal love but also validate the unwavering commitment to the country.

The ergonomic design of this ring fits so smoothly that you will never have to take it off even during toughest missions and the most rugged situations. The non-slip design of this ring will also keep you from losing it.

Style With Commitment…

The beautiful design and comfortable built of this ring make it a cool and trendy thoughtful gift. The rich dark green color of this ring blends nicely with browns and other lighter shades to create a unique camouflage design that will make your ring stand out from all the other camo designs out there. The ring makes a gorgeously bold statement while being fully functional and active tough.

Here are some amazing features of this cool silicone band:

  • Great alternative for traditional wedding bands
  • Practical design to suit all kinds of work and play
  • Tough and durable silicone construction
  • Superior comfort despite strenuous activity
  • Brilliant fit and non-slip build
  • Temperature Tolerance up to 300 degrees
  • Non-Conductive and Non-Porous
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