Women's Silicone Ring (5.5MM) - Jet Black

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A ring for all occasions.

Do you want to keep your expensive diamond ring safe, but still wear a band for your commitment? Or maybe you have never been into diamonds? The silicone wedding band is a good fit for you either way! The durable, flexible silicone band can be worn in all activities -- work or play -- without worry of damage or loss. It’s a great alternative wedding band or an active version for when you don’t want to flaunt your diamonds.

Sleek Design with Comfort.

You may fear a silicone ring is too casual or masculine for a woman’s wedding band, but Rubber Diamonds have a sleek design that will compliment any outfit or lifestyle. The classic black color goes with all colors -- so you can sport your silicone band anywhere, anytime. The best part -- you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. The jet black ring comes in sizes 4-9.

Benefits of the women’s silicone wedding band:

-Smooth, durable silicone material prevents the ring from snagging -- unlike many traditional wedding bands.

-Flexible material is comfortable and breathable -- meaning you can sweat in the gym or swim in the lake without worry about the ring.

-Silicone is non-slip by nature, so you’ll never have an accidental wedding ring slip.

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