Women's Silicone Ring (5.5MM) - Space Gray

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No Holds Barred!
You can now get down and dirty without worrying about losing or damaging your wedding band! The amazing flexibility will have you grinning in comfort as you destroy those bicep curls. The insane toughness will keep things pristine as you tackle the great outdoors. You can walk straight into a fire and the silicone's high heat tolerance of up to 300 degrees will leave it unscathed. And most importantly, the non-slip design will keep you from losing it and having to endure that disapproving look from your significant other; no more sleeping on the couch!

Flaunt It!
You better start taking humility lessons, because the beautiful design will have a ton of compliments coming your way. Guys can choose between black, blue, gray, white and red options of US size 9-13, while the gals will be ecstatic over the fabulous shades of black, gray, pink and purple coming in US size 4-9. Silicone is the new diamond people!

Here are some of the amazing benefits:
- Practical design to suit all kinds of work and play.
- Tough and durable silicone construction.
- Superior comfort despite strenuous activity.
- Brilliant fit and non-slip build.
- Gorgeous color choices to suit any personality.

Whether you're a fireman or engineer, rock climber or die-hard gym rat, trust Rubber Diamonds for the most unique and practical way to express your undying love.
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