Women's Silicone Ring (5.5MM) - Pink

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Worry-free wedding ring.

The idea behind the wedding ring is to have a visual symbol of your commitment to your spouse. It’s hard to portray that when you’re always taking off your wedding band at the gym, at work, or at play.  The women’s pink silicone ring gives you option to display your love -- anytime, anywhere, any activity.

Feminine Style with Tough Strength.

This 5mm width pink ring is delicate and sleek for a style any woman can appreciate. Though tough and durable, the pink design makes it just girly enough. This versatile design is great as a replacement or the main wedding band with sizes ranging from 4 to 9.

Benefits of a pink silicone ring:

- Save damage or loss to your diamond ring by wearing silicone in active situations.

- Sleek, feminine design is still durable enough to withstand any active lifestyle.

- Silicone material is textured to prevent any slipping or ring loss.

- Be comfortable, but still wear a ring in any situation.

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